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Carrying Packages

Ship from the couch?

Call us now!

Socal's 1st Mobile Shipping Service

Do More by skipping the line, saving time!

Call or text us for a fast quote and go over our  services and pickup .

Pick up same day  or scheudle delivery from the comfort of your home

 Ship your items within  24hrs, Track your package from home

Out of State?

We got you covered if you cant physically pick up and package your item. We do it all pick it up, package it, and ship out to you!

Why Us?

On top of being the first mobile shipping service in Southern California.  We strive to give you the best quality service made simple.

The Discounts!!!

We are able to extend our discounts to you! On all of USPS' shipping services: First Class, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express. We will be saving you anywhere between  20% and 40% on shipping labels purchased from us.

How it all Started

We have spent years shipping 1000s of packages throughout the United States via Amazon and eBay. Upon delivering our personal packages to the post office, the long lines we saw were filled with frustrated customers trying to ship themselves. ShipEZLLC was started to relieve the customer of waiting in unnecessary lines.

Check out our Shipping Services

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