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How it all started

It all started with two friends; one running an eCommerce business and the other a Business Major. Covid showed all of us the potential of a world event affecting not only schools but businesses.


One part people didn't see was the big impact it had on shipping companies and eCommerce. With many new people now contributing to the influx of shipping, the experience has gotten overwhelming. We are revolutionizing the way that shipping is handled. Get more done with the time that you'll be able to save. 

We all endured waiting in line for 30 minutes plus, that's when we both thought of this great idea of creating a mobile service shipping company. Stay away from the long lines and stay in the comfort of your own home.

We strive to give the consumer peace of mind for your shipping needs. 

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Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We work and communicate with our customers to provide exceptional service. 

ShipEZ,LLC Founders

Marketing Director

My name is Luis Garcia and I am the Co-founder of ShipezLLC.  I graduated from the University of California, Riverside in 2019 and since graduation I have acquired various skills that have helped me start the company. I am an ambitious entrepreneur with a vision for ShipezLLC. We have a vision to revolutionize the shipping industry and put our clients needs above all else.  Within our company I am the accountant and the Marketing director. 

Operations & Logistics

My name is Andres Casas and I am the Co-founder of ShipezLLC.  I came up with the idea of ShipEZ after being in Ecommerce for 3 years. Selling through Amazon/Ebay and shipping over 1000s of packages all over the US. I always took pride in packaging and shipping items with great care. Over the years I have always received great feedback about it. Since I also waited in those long lines at the Post Office, the idea of ShipEZ was born. I told my best friend about such an idea and he said that's a great service to provide to everyone!

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